A regular combatant at the Elvington Speed Wheelie Event, where riders with balls the size of footballs balance bikes on the rear wheel over a full kilometre at speeds most sport bike owners will never see in their lifetimes, (such as the record-breaking 181.5 mph wheelie by mad Irishman, Shane Egan, last August), after scoring a 148mph wheelie in 2007 on a stock Hayabusa, Dom the Phantom fancied trying to shit himself on something a bit different in 2010. Most of the mono-wheeling fools favour the latest incarnation of Suzuki’s GSX-R1000, and after breaking four ribs and wrecking his K5 1000 Gixer earlier in the year when he T-boned a myopic driver U-turning his company car while talkin’ on his cell and eating a burger, Dom didn’t have much of a choice.


Used and abused B-Kings were just be-coming cheap enough to appear in the classified ads and Dom managed to find a slightly soiled B-King that came with all the right hooligan parts – big Rotrex supercharger, Power Commander, Ohlin’s rear shock and a tasty Scorpion exhaust replacing the overweight and over-ugly stock B-King system. Featuring so much go-faster hardware the B-King had obviously been drag raced and still sported bolt-on swinging-arm extensions - which came in pretty handy as Dom bought it on Saturday and raced it on Sunday at his local drag strip managing five runs with a best terminal of 135mph on the quarter mile.


Not quite what Dom was expecting from the supercharged B-King’s ‘Busa-based 1300cc motor. A turn on the TTS Performance dyno at the famous Silverstone race track revealed where the ponies were escaping from; only seventy percent of the fuel needed to make big BHP was being burnt and the blow-off valve wasn’t blowing-off, plus a few other glitches niggles like the header pipes being too close for comfort to the supercharger unit.


There was less than a week to go before the Elvington Wheelie meet and Dom wanted to be there, so TTS put three of their best mechaincs to work on the bike, replacing the fuel pump with a larger flowing unit, remapped the Power Commander and the CDI, sorted the non-blowing blow-off valve and lengthened the Scorpion header pipes approximately one-and-half inches to clear the supercharger. Result on the dyno was a rear wheel bodycount of 230 horses making a run for the stable door with 140lbs of torque for company. Sorted well enough for Dom to make a 133.7 mph wheelie on the blown B-King in 2010 and finishing in 29th in the results. Pretty cool when you consider that in 2003 the world record over the one kilometre distance was ‘only’ 137mph.



Owner: Dom the Phantom, London, UK.

Engine: 2008 Suzuki B-King. TTS Rotrex Supercharger. Power Commander. Scorpion exhaust system with carbon fibre cans & header pipes lengthened 1½in to clear supercharger. Tuned on TTS dyno. 230bhp @ rear wheel with 140lbs torque @ 8psi boost.

Frame: Stock 2008 Suzuki B-King.

Front End: Stock 2008 Suzuki B-King. Pirelli Diablo tyre.

Rear End: Stock 2008 Suzuki B-King. Pirelli Diablo tyre.

Bodywork: Mostly Stock 2008 Suzuki B-King.

Electrics: Stock 2008 Suzuki B-King. Shift light & FBG kill switch.

Paintwork: Stock 2008 Suzuki B-King.

Engineering: Supercharger tuned by TTS, (

Thanks To: Everyone @ TTS