Miss Worldwide Bomber Magazine 2017

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Hello Laura, how are you?
- Fine thanks, waiting for summer.

When did you hear about Bombers and Worldwide Bomber Magazine for the first time?
- Last year...facebook

What do you think about Bombers?
- Ah, love it!! Thats my lifestyle!


How did it feel to win the Miss WWB 2017 competition?
- That was great! Waiting so much for this year. 
I cant wait to go to the events and all the photoshoots, im open for everything.

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How old are you?
- 25

Where in Finland do you live?
- I live in Helsinki.

What do you do for living?
- Im a bartender, littlebit modeling and promoter. Im also going to arrenge different kind of events this summer. I am open for job invite's via instagram direct.

How did a beautiful girl like you get involved with motorcycles, and have you ever ridden or been a passenger on one?
- Motorcycles came in my life, when i met my ex boyfriend. I have ridden and been as passenger many times.

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Tell us your strategic measurements:
- 166cm, 56kg, 75C

What do you do in your freetime?
- I keep myself in a good condition by going to the gym, I spend time with my friends, taking care of my socialmedia and ofcourse being around motorcycles.

Do you own a bike licence?
- Not yet! But some day!

Do you own a bike or do you dream of having one?
- I don't own a bike, yet. But I dream of having one! I've already ridden many times.

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Which one do like more? Sport Bikes, Café Racers or Street Fighters?
- Definitely Street Fighters!

Leather or PVC riding gear?
- Hmm not my style.. next!

Modified or natural?
- Natural

Describe your fantasy bomberman, or woman?
- Absolutely bald, tattoos are a plus, self-care and humorous.

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The sexiest bike?
- I do not have a favourite one.

Are you single?
- No

In what other country than Finland would you want to live in, and why?
- I don't want to leave. I love Finland.

What would you like to say to the readers?
- They paint who have enough chalk.

Can WWB readers follow you somewhere on social media?
-Fb: Laura Rinne | Ig: Laurakiirasi | Snapchat: laurakiira

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Miss Bomber 2016 1164

Miss Bomber 2016 1164

Miss Bomber 2016 1164

Miss Bomber 2016 1164

Miss Bomber 2016 1164

Miss Bomber 2016 1164

Check out this behind the scene video of the burnout photoshoot: