World Wide Bomber

World Wide Bomber is the brand new online magazine devoted to bikes that've been modified with one prime objective – to go fast. Naturally, they have to look good while doing so, but the main aim is clear. Performance, at any cost. As the title suggests, World Wide Bomber is a global entity, featuring performance-orientated custom bikes that're being built around the world - from London to the Lebanon, Helsinki to Hawaii, Moscow to Melbourne – alongside technical articles, interviews, race reports and more. Naturally, as WWB is the electronic offspring of the Finnish magazine, Bomber, there'll be the irreverent attitude and inbuilt lunacy associated with the Finns' love of motorsport that is part of their DNA. So expect a cocktail of highly-tuned engines, turbochargers and superchargers, lightweight race components, nitrous oxide, wheelies, burnouts, and test bikes being ridden in a way that the manufacturers never imagined...

Latest WWB issue

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Issue #13

In this issue

The latest issue of WWB, the lucky thirteenth issue, is a doozy – aside from the barking mad ’Manta Ray’ FireBlade you can see on the cover, there are also features on a super-stretched Kawasaki 750,


a Scottish half-breed that is part Katana, part Bandit, part FireBlade and part Gixer, the craziest SR400 you’ll ever see (complete with turbocharger), and more forced induction bikes with a B-King, American GSX-R and an Australian Kawasaki ZX-10R


all getting the turbo treatment! Plus the usual events coverage, tech articles and the latest instalment of the Boss Hoss project streetfighter, what more is there to life?